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ReTux 1.1 Released, CDs Now Available

Item posted by Layla Marchant <onpon4> on Wed 03 Aug 2016 12:55:07 PM UTC.

Two announcements today!

First announcement: ReTux 1.1 has been released. This release contains the following notable changes:

  • Several coins (enough to heal twice) have been added to Raccot's arena. This makes the fight much easier (though it is still quite hard). I decided to make this change because I observed my brothers (who had made it through the rest of the game) struggling for hours just trying to get past this boss, and ultimately failing. It was never supposed to be that hard.
  • A bug which caused a hurt zone above Raccot's arena to exist has been fixed.
  • Time bonuses in all levels of the main game have been tripled, with the exception of the last world, where they have been quadrupled. This change is intended to avoid giving negative scores to beginners.
  • Using God mode (a feature which can be accessed from the command line with a password) now causes time bonuses to begin at 0, effectively guaranteeing that there will be a time penalty, and also prevents bonus points for remaining HP from being granted.
  • Added a menu option for choosing the scale method, replacing the old "--scale-basic" option. The default scaling is now whatever is fastest rather than smooth scaling.
  • Added a message box in level 15 explaining how to drop items.
  • Fixed a couple of instances of code which produced slightly inconsistent results (one of them a bug, and one of them just doing something a bad way). This involved a small tweak to the distance that causes icicles and crushers to drop down, so that the levels designed with one fixed inconsistency would still work as intended.

Second announcement: it is now possible to order a CD with ReTux on it! The place to order ReTux CDs from is [here]; be sure to select the "CD + Digital Download" option. Those who order the CD will also get the password needed to access the digital downloads.

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