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Quilt 0.65 released posted by khali, Thu 10 Nov 2016 10:14:52 AM UTC
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Quilt 0.65 released

Item posted by Jean Delvare <khali> on Thu 10 Nov 2016 10:14:52 AM UTC.

User-visible changes since 0.64 are as follows:

- Translation fixes
- Project settings have priority
- Reject binary files in patches
- Fix a race condition in diff_file
- Performance: Optimizations to the setup command
- Performance: Optimizations to the bash completion script
- Test suite: Improve the edit test case
- Test suite: Make the symlink test more robust
- Test suite: Test backup failure
- Test suite: Test the header command with hard links
- diff: Report diff failures
- edit: Fix a corner case bug
- mail: Fix the help text
- push: Fix the synopsis
- refresh: Do not remove symlinks
- refresh: Break links to read-only patch files
- refresh: Always preserve modification time
- setup: Report failed look-ups in inspect-wrapper
- quilt.el: Fix quilt-editable when patches are stored in subdirs
- bash_completion: Handle spaces in file names
- bash_completion: Update the list of commands
- bash_completion: Add new command options
- bash_completion: Fix handling of mail, new, push options
- guards: Simplify the help text
- guards: Include the file name also in the "Not found" case
- guards: Add support for an external filelist in --check mode
- guards: Report which config file has problem in --check mode
- guards: Documentation update
- guards: Clarify a user message

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this version.


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