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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Should be Finished on
 #14888 Add support for Persian language None None 2018-03-24
 #14086 Add museums to street index POIs None None 2016-07-13
 #12245 Put content of exception into the subject of sent email None None 2012-09-12
 #12237 List shops that can send/receive parcels or letters into the Public Building Index None None 2012-09-05
 #12164 In index, include the POI supplementary information such as opening_hours, phone, fax, website,etc. None None 2012-07-10
 #12042 Add support for Hebrew in ocitysmap None None 2012-05-18
 #12028 Add the jobid in the temp directory prefix None None 2012-05-05
 #12003 Add openstreetmap.de stylesheet to MapOSMatic None None 2012-04-22
 #11997 Change french translation of "Villages" to "Hameaux" None None 2012-04-19
 #11995 Add examples of stylesheet renderings None tpetazzoni 2012-04-19
 #11994 API to render maps None None 2012-04-18
 #11982 Automatically determining available paper sizes None None 2013-04-04
 #11976 Implement CSV generation in the multi-page renderer None None 2012-04-01
 #11974 Fix RTL support in the multi-page renderer None None 2012-04-01
 #11973 Fix keyboard interaction for paper format selector None None 2012-04-01
 #11972 Show the scale during paper selection None None 2012-04-01
 #11971 Compute a terrain-based scale for multi-page maps None None 2012-04-01
 #11707 adding gpx to describe paths None jvrnix 2012-04-10
 #11149 Make a cycle stylesheet None None 2011-05-17
 #11147 Slovak specific sorting for street names None None 2011-05-16
 #11038 Allow the end user to select the zoom level None None 2011-03-29
 #10905 Print the scale on the generated map None None 2011-02-01
 #10748 Add a new style "raw" None None 2012-02-19
 #10747 Add a column in the CSV containing the original, un-l10'ed, street name None None 2010-11-02
 #10680 Allow to create a map from OSM id In Progress mpetazzoni 2010-11-29
 #10679 Display an openlayers frame overlaid with the WKT of the area to render In Progress daviddecotigny 2010-12-30
 #10678 Small refactoring to use shapely None None 2010-10-10
 #10660 Add "GeoHash" layout None None 2011-06-29
 #10578 Allow selecting individual categories to index None None 2010-08-25
 #10123 Add a key (aka legend) to the map None kinji 2010-01-23
 #10118 Allow creation of route-planning maps None None 2010-01-22
 #10116 Include geo-coordinates inside PNG file Need Info None 2011-06-29
 #10112 Add Arabic support into ocitysmap Need Info tpetazzoni 2010-01-19
 #10094 A unittest framework for ocitysmap, covering i18n classes In Progress jvrnix 2010-01-13
 #10069 Support multiple language for street names Need Info None 2010-01-07
 #10050 Improve Estimated Rendering time None None 2010-01-05
 #10046 Offer a printing service Need Info None 2010-01-05
 #10041 Fine print lat/lon along grid edges None None 2010-01-04
 #10003 Allow to render a suggested nominatim entry, even without admin boundaries None None 2009-12-23
 #9998 Allow multiple instances of maposmaticd In Progress mpetazzoni 2009-12-21
 #9697 Put rendered maps on a slippy map In Progress gutard 2010-12-30
 #9690 Provide technical/statistical info In Progress mpetazzoni 2010-08-06
 #9672 Prevent SQL injection through command line options None daviddecotigny 2010-12-30

        43 matching items - Items 1 to 43        

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