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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #55674 "init" command missing from manpage None None 2019-02-08
 #49337 classify.c:52]: (style) Same expression on both sides of '&&'. Works For Me None 2016-10-13
 #48589 client and server don't set TCP_NODELAY, resulting in high latency of CVS commands None None 2016-07-21
 #45940 CVS cannot connect to remote repo on MSWindows7 None None 2015-09-12
 #44537 "cvs annotate" shows wrong version of "$Revision:$" line None None 2015-03-13
 #42886 update aborted: out of memory; can not allocate 414601216 None None 2014-07-31
 #40787 Compilation with GCC -Werror=format-security fails None None 2013-12-03
 #40217 CVS 1.11.23- update command change behavior None None 2013-10-09
 #39858 cvs diff -uN error cvs [server aborted]: Cannot use reserved filename 'nul' on NT based machines None None 2013-08-23
 #39166 doc/cvs.texinfo is missing @sp argument None None 2013-06-05
 #39040 Fix potential NULL pointer dereference with glibc 2.17+ None None 2013-05-22
 #38729 Problem in buffer.c if configuration not SHUTDOWN_SERVER and START_RSH_WITH_POPEN_RW is set. None None 2013-04-13
 #38161 Template file not checked out when checking out single files None None 2013-01-24
 #36276 Potential problem in parse_config() which may leak file descriptor None None 2012-04-23
 #36160 cvs co -d path exmodule checks out the excluded part None None 2012-04-12
 #35432 cvs rls results in %n in writable segment detected None None 2012-02-01
 #35267 cvs should use diff --label, not diff -L None None 2012-01-08
 #34184 cvs folder is missing None None 2011-08-31
 #34011 cvs -nq update produces different results None None 2011-08-14
 #32256 cvs update doesn't add new directory to CVS/Entries None None 2011-01-26
 #30310 SIGSEGV on cvs commit None None 2010-07-01
 #29507 cvs update -j update timestamp of unchanged files None None 2010-04-09
 #29302 Optimize checkout/update by not creating empty directories None None 2010-03-22
 #29232 sanity.sh does not ignore cvsrc file Need Info None 2010-03-15
 #29199 %n in writable segment detected Need Info None 2010-03-11
 #29058 checksum failure after patch -- user's changes lost None None 2010-03-03
 #27557 cvs -Q add does not actually add the file None None 2009-09-29
 #26761 Access violation when logging in to sourceforge server None None 2009-06-09
 #26384 'could not get working directory' error with CVS 1.12.13 server on Ubuntu None None 2009-04-28
 #25458 cvs: Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault. None None 2009-02-01
 #24268 echo is off in terminal after interrupting the password entry using :ext and ssh Need Info None 2008-09-15
 #24102 CVS hanging whle checkouts Need Info None 2008-08-19
 #23723 cvs: hash.c:317: findnode: Assertion `key != ((void *)0)' failed. None None 2008-06-27
 #23370 cvs watch will be wrongly cleared by cvs co by the same user None None 2008-05-26
 #23093 contrib/rcslock.in script fails with perl taint mode enabled None None 2008-04-28
 #22781 cvs update (1.11.22 on Windows) uploads excessive numbers of files after daylight saving time changes Ready For Test None 2008-03-29
 #21774 Assertion failure None None 2007-12-11
 #21688 problem with bind-mounted dir None None 2007-12-01
 #21523 can't parse date/time: =UTC when commiting file (workaround/fix attached) None None 2007-11-06
 #20599 init error in Suse 10.1: cannot get working directory: File exists None None 2007-07-26
 #20534 Security: cvs client too keen to change permissions None None 2007-07-19
 #20224 Problem with space in username for login None None 2007-06-20
 #19856 cvs compiled with pam loose it's nice (priority) value. None None 2007-05-11
 #19528 "cvs update -C" won't revert files containing conflicts None None 2007-04-05
 #19525 CVS/Repository not correct for checkouts using -d in CVSROOT/modules None None 2007-04-05
 #19300 rcs2log fails when a port is used in the CVSROOT None None 2007-03-11
 #18830 cvs-1.11 GSSAPI fails with DNS-loadbalanced servers None None 2007-01-19
 #18743 cvs add -m message not saved when using CVS_RSH=ssh None None 2007-01-10
 #18530 Sparc SIGBUS in md5 routines None None 2006-12-15
 #18283 Commit tries to go to CVSROOT repository after failing at repository indicated by CVS dir None None 2006-11-13

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