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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #56509 LWIP_IPV6_SEND_ROUTER_SOLICIT should default to LWIP_IPV6 None None 2019-06-17
 #56487 [v2.1.2] crash when TCP continuous write encounter wifi disconnect None None 2019-06-13
 #56431 LWIP_ASSERT in sys_timeout because SNTP use so much timeouts None None 2019-06-03
 #56397 Assert "tcp_receive: ooseq tcplen > rcv_wnd" None None 2019-05-27
 #56355 PBUF_POOL_BUFSIZE avoid using multiple buffers for IPv6 None None 2019-05-20
 #56293 The callback API used to add or delete multicast MAC filter entry need some optimization None None 2019-05-09
 #56290 HTTPD 404/400/501 URI detection causes wrong headers to be sent None None 2019-05-08
 #56288 IP forward problem with hardware and software checksum calculation interfaces None None 2019-05-08
 #56281 arp header process modify back to previous version in etharp_input None None 2019-05-07
 #56280 lwIP DNS need to support CNAME Resource Record None None 2019-05-07
 #56231 Include path issue with mbedtls build integration None None 2019-04-28
 #56197 HTTPD SSI handler does not handle character sequence /< properly None None 2019-04-23
 #56181 udp_sendif Always sendto None None 2019-04-20
 #56147 lwip_select() does not always wakup on received data None None 2019-04-17
 #56135 The IPv6 autoconfig should be enabled by default. None None 2019-04-14
 #56134 Neighbour Solicitation can not be sent out as no available source address can be used None None 2019-04-14
 #56077 len member wrong in pool allocated pbuf Need Info None 2019-04-05
 #56057 HTTPd: 404 missing from fsdata.c causes sys_assert() None None 2019-04-02
 #56052 change the DNS server query strategy from sequential to Round Robin None None 2019-04-02
 #56016 IPv6 auto configuration need some optimization None None 2019-03-28
 #56014 The ICMPv6 Parameter Problem doesn't take the IPv6 Header of the offending packet None None 2019-03-28
 #56013 The ICMPv6 err message must take as much of the offending packet as possible None None 2019-03-28
 #55987 lwip_recvmsg does not return sender's address/port None None 2019-03-23
 #55960 SNMP MIB compiler/code generator does not always parse SIZE for textual conventions None None 2019-03-19
 #55959 HTTPD SSI bug None None 2019-03-19
 #55910 MEMP_SYS_TIMEOUT pool runs empty in sntp scenario. None None 2019-03-13
 #55706 LWIP_ASSERT in tcp_receive fails None None 2019-02-13
 #55604 UDP can bind to same port when use IPv4 ANY and IPv6 ANY ,SO_REUSEADDR is disable and IPV6_V6ONLY is disable None None 2019-01-29
 #55602 IPv6 address auto-configuration with two different routers will fail None None 2019-01-29
 #55598 Clean shutdown and restart support None None 2019-01-29
 #55590 Zero window probe breaks incoming TCP stream None None 2019-01-28
 #55433 LwIP 2, IPv6, ANYADDR, Site-local Multicast and Source Address Selection None None 2019-01-10
 #55219 Closing a TCP server with altcp_tcp_close triggers assert None None 2018-12-13
 #55199 ppp: inefficient debug disable Confirmed gradator 2018-12-10
 #55121 Provide application callback for dhcp reboot with unchanged address None None 2018-11-28
 #55037 lwip 2.1.0 socket raw api lack of IPv6 cmsghdr information None None 2018-11-16
 #54653 altcp_tls_mbedtls rx depends on TCP_WND None goldsimon 2018-09-12
 #54292 TCP support windows size setting. None None 2018-07-12
 #54244 httpd should return '/dir/index.html' for URI '/dir' None None 2018-07-04
 #54087 mld6 report sent from :: None None 2018-06-08
 #54076 tcp: timeout required in FIN_WAIT_2 if pcb has been closed None None 2018-06-06
 #54075 tcp keepalive does not work for half-closed pcbs None None 2018-06-06
 #53803 nd6_cleanup_netif should set the auto-configured address to invalid None None 2018-05-01
 #52649 Loop address communication without loopif None goldsimon 2017-12-12
 #52154 Support for multiple network interfaces of the same subnet on one host None None 2017-10-03
 #51447 Sequence number comparisons invoke implementation-defined behavior In Progress goldsimon 2017-07-11
 #51138 RTT measurement after retransmission None None 2017-05-29
 #49307 IPv6: improper neighbor cache cleanup In Progress goldsimon 2016-10-11
 #48953 mdns has rather high stack usage (sizeof(struct mdns_domain)*2) None None 2016-08-30

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