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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #42245 No way to indicate the algorithm of the DS so errors in this field go undetected Confirmed None 2014-04-30
 #41870 Spelling error in locale/test/misc.fr None None 2014-03-14
 #39129 Rendre paramétrable le timeout lors de l'envoir de mail au hostmaster (valeur trop basse) None None 2013-05-31
 #38427 DNSSEC algorithm rollover None None 2013-02-27
 #38182 Update to etc/zonecheck/rootservers for new IPv4 address of D None None 2013-01-28
 #36909 It would be nice to test if unknown RR types can be queried None None 2012-07-21
 #36895 GET URLs too long lead to bad error messages Confirmed None 2012-07-20
 #36674 Another case of low level failure to parse truncated packet None None 2012-06-18
 #36481 Dnsruby error creeping in output for unhandled bad MX case None None 2012-05-16
 #36354 Terse error message when the initial lookup fails for a DNSSEC problem Confirmed None 2012-04-30
 #35415 Add .WF .YT .PM .TF in zc.conf None None 2012-01-31
 #35190 ERREUR: uninitialized constant Psych::ParseError None None 2011-12-28
 #35041 display-policy in contrib relies on old Python packages Confirmed bortzmeyer 2011-12-12
 #34520 Zonecheck adds its own directories at the wrong place in $LOAD_PATH None None 2011-10-10
 #34489 Zonecheck does not work on FreeBSD None None 2011-10-05
 #34165 Insufficient test of data after SOA request None None 2011-08-29
 #33879 Impossible email admin test if SOA retrieval was a failure None None 2011-07-28
 #33571 Update to etc/zonecheck/rootservers Fixed None 2011-06-15
 #33390 Unhandled Dnsruby exception when no global IPv6 connectivity available None None 2011-05-24
 #33206 Invalid URLs in documentation None None 2011-05-02
 #33205 Corrections orthographiques françaises Fixed bortzmeyer 2011-05-02
 #33203 Extra RRSIG records confuse tests None None 2011-05-02
 #33202 SOA taken as MX record None None 2011-05-02
 #33201 Updates in Libxml Ruby that needs to be taken into account None None 2011-05-02
 #33199 Unhandled Dnsruby exception when parsing a badly truncated UDP packet inside cachemanager init method None None 2011-05-02
 #32188 EDNS test makes a mistake on "payload size" semantics Confirmed None 2011-01-20
 #32124 IWBNI we could test that any of several DNSSEC trust anchors work Confirmed kmkaplan 2011-01-14
 #31837 Problem with $LOAD_PATH or something alike None None 2010-12-09
 #31332 DNSSEC name servers which do not provide NSEC3 are not detected Confirmed None 2010-10-14
 #31301 When a DNSSEC signature is expired, the error message is not perfect None None 2010-10-11
 #31262 Zonecheck cannot handle zones with many NS Confirmed None 2010-10-06
 #30417 Sometimes, "killed thread" None None 2010-07-12
 #30416 Sometimes, undefined method `empty?' for +nil:NilClass None None 2010-07-12
 #30228 Sometimes, "undefined method `serial' for nil:NilClass" Confirmed chabannf 2010-06-23
 #29972 IWBN to use a template for the HTML output None chabannf 2010-05-27
 #29372 ZoneCheck read all the config files In Progress chabannf 2010-03-29
 #28851 ERROR with -ox option Confirmed None 2010-02-09
 #28695 IWBN to have boolean operators to combine tests Confirmed chabannf 2010-01-20
 #28499 Test for is_serial_rfc1912?() None None 2010-01-06
 #25141 zc.cgi sometimes stay for ever (but doing nothing) Confirmed None 2008-12-21
 #22644 hostmaster email test fails None None 2008-03-17
 #21419 zonecheck wrongly concludes that nameservers are using the same IP address None redon 2007-10-25
 #21044 Email tests error messages are not detailed enough None None 2007-09-12
 #20975 What to do with SOA records reporting different masters? None None 2007-09-05
 #19205 Wrong attribution of a failed nameserver None None 2007-03-05
 #17734 Testing that the nameserver accepts queries with port source = 53 None None 2006-09-14
 #16992 IWBN to *not* run "open relay" tests by default None None 2006-07-03
 #16169 Zonecheck does not react properly on User-Mode Linux None None 2006-03-23
 #15633 IWBNI we could test whois servers None None 2006-02-06

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