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lwIP 1.3.0 first release candidate

Item posted by Kieran Mansley <kieranm> on Thu 17 Jan 2008 12:59:45 PM UTC.

The first release candidate for version lwIP has been released. It is currently accessible via CVS using the tag STABLE-1_3_0-RC1 and a tar archive should follow. Please update and test!

Does lwip 1.3.0 support the multi-ipreass? (posted by Ryan.wong, Wed 20 Feb 2008 02:26:14 AM UTC)

I am the user of the lwip 1.1.2 and found the function ip_reass can only support one IP datagram. There are only one ip_reassbuf and one ip_reassbitmap. That means in every 30 seconds(IP_REASS_MAXAGE), we can only reass one IP datagram.
And the lwip 1.2.0 has the same problem. Did the lwip 1.3.0 fix this?

Besides, the function ip_reass use bitmap to reassemble the incoming IP fragments. In this process there are twice copy, one from IP fragment's pbuf to ip_reassbuf and the other from ip_reassbuf to the new pbuf after the reassembling. It may decrease the performance of the stack compared to the 4.4 BSD?

how to properly use lwip1.3.0 (posted by Riaan, Mon 18 Feb 2008 10:10:45 AM UTC)

I am currently desinging a system using FreeRTOS and lwip 1.2.0. I found that version 1.3.0 has a few added functionality that will come in handy in my project. One problem, I installed FreeRTOS with LWIP already included. I have no idee how to change over to 1.3.0. If I just replace the scr folder and complie, I get somany error in the new lwip files that it isnt even funny. (doesnt seem to be a "drop in replacement"). can any one please advise me how to swith over to 1.3.0? Thanks

Where is the link ? (posted by Ben, Wed 06 Feb 2008 04:50:32 PM UTC)

I have already use the lwip 1.1 version (not 1.2.0)

bur I can see the 1.3.0 RC1 but I don't find the link to download.

I'm not used to your site/blog system.

So can you give us a link or the page where download ?


And I have some questions about the driver.

(like "I want to send or receive some characters or string of characters but I can do it , or I can't find some examples ...")

Thx to answer me





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