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Adonthell 0.4.0 alpha 2 Released

Item posted by Kai Sterker <ksterker> on Sat 15 Mar 2008 04:24:11 PM UTC.

We're happy to announce the next installment in our series of alpha versions of Adonthell - Dun Barethsol. Source code for all platforms and binaries for MacOS X and Windows can be retrieved from

On top of the previous release, this one adds improved collision detection by utilizing 3D models and algorithms internally. Some bugs have been squashed too and compatibility with different platforms has been improved.

With most of the map engine development out of the way, we can now concentrate on the GUI and map editing tools. Our roadmap has more details about the path forward. It can be found at

If you could lend a hand, have a look at

Please visit for the official release announcement. More information about Adonthell can be found on our Wiki at

Thanks for your interest in Adonthell.
- Kai Sterker and the Adonthell team

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