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pyFormex 3.2 has been released

Item posted by Benedict Verhegghe <bverheg> on Thu 10 Nov 2022 12:38:08 PM UTC.

pyFormex 3.2 is available from the Download section.

An overview of the changes:
- major cleanup and improvements, moved to core pyformex directory;
  improved printing of all Curve classes;
  PolyLine: is now subclassed from BezierSpline; new method extend;
  improved avgDirections;
  BezierSpline: much improved interpolation; 2nd degree planar curves are
  now smooth; new methods points and part_points; improved sub_points,
  sub_directions and sub_curvature;
  CardinalSpline, CardinalSpline2, Arc3 removed; improved Arc;
  new functions deCasteljau and splitBezier;
- Mesh: improved methods lengths, areas, length, area;
  report now includes length and area when possible
- quad4 Mesh: add functionality to fix improperly defined elements
- Coords: now has a rosette method (like Formex);
  new function fpattern creates points like Formex 'l:...' string
- TextArray, drawMarks, drawNumbers allow drawing texts with multiple colors;
  gravity can be specified in lower or upper case
- tools menu: new/improved functions createPoints, labelPoints, mergedSurface,
- path: new methods iterdir, readlines, writelines;
  dirs() and files() return now Path strings;
  improved methods scandir, list, dirnames, filenames, walk, listTree;
  removed method allFiles
- Geometry menu: allows reading multiple files at once
- vtk_itf: add output of vtu type
- some improved and new functionality, though this is work in
  progress: expect more in next release
- arraytools.interleave: allow to interleave multiple arrays
- GUI: MessageBoard.write is improved
- library modules and their emulation are now also documented
- many other improvements and and a whole bunch of bug fixes

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