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This project is not part of the GNU Project.

pyFormex is a program for generating, transforming and manipulating large
geometrical models of 3D structures by sequences of mathematical operations.
Thanks to a powerful (Python based) scripting language, pyFormex is very well
suited for the automated design of spatial structures. It provides a wide
range of operations on surface meshes, like STL type triangulated surfaces.
There are provisions to import medical scan images. pyFormex can also be used
as a pre- and post-processor for Finite Element analysis programs. Finally, it
might be used just for creating some nice graphics. Because the geometrical
models are built from a script, automation and creation of parametrized models
is a natural thing in pyFormex.

Registration Date: Sun 02 Oct 2011 09:27:27 PM UTC
License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
Development Status: 4 - Beta


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pyFormex 2.6 has been released
     posted by bverheg, Sat 28 Aug 2021 01:19:06 PM UTC - 0 replies

We have just released pyFormex version 2.6.
The most important features of this release:

- new internal Trisurface remesh function based on pyacvd
- new TriSurface remesh function based on instant_meshes
- improved gambit NEU support ...

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pyFormex 2.5 has been released
     posted by bverheg, Thu 25 Mar 2021 12:54:17 PM UTC - 0 replies

A new release of pyFormex is available. It provides some important bug fixes, and the following improvements:

- improved Dialogs
- smart Dialog placement
- new customizable FileDialog class and subclasses
- draw supports colors with 4 components (RGBA)
- add interactive nongui console
- improved PLY file reader and writer
- export PLY files from geometry menu
- new arraytools functions: mapArray, resizeAxis, resizeArray

pyFormex 2.4 has been released
     posted by bverheg, Thu 25 Feb 2021 02:32:00 PM UTC - 0 replies

pyFormex 2.4 is available. It comes shortly after the 2.3 release,
because it fixes an important bug in the 2.2 and 2.3 releases that made the drawMarks and drawText functions fail. Rather than creating a bugfix release we opted for a new release, because it also includes some interesting new functionality: ...

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pyFormex 2.3 has been released
     posted by bverheg, Mon 22 Feb 2021 04:59:30 PM UTC - 0 replies

pyFormex 2.3 is available from the downloads.

With this release all older versions become unsupported.
All users are urged to upgrade.

pyFormex 2.3 Releasenotes
- Some important bug fixes
- Improvements to widgets/dialogs
- Add a quality tri3 to quad4 remesher using 'Instant Meshes' external

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