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pyFormex 1.0 is coming!
     posted by bverheg, Thu Sep 8 20:02:36 2016 - 0 replies

It has been a while since 0.9.1 was released, but pyFormex development has not stalled since then. And thus we are announcing here the soon to be released 1.0.x version, with lots (really: lots) of changes: new things, enhancements, improvements and bug fixes. ...

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pyFormex 0.9.1 has been released
     posted by bverheg, Tue Oct 15 19:52:21 2013 - 0 replies

pyFormex 0.9.1 is available for download from

While there are no predominant new features in this release, there are lots of new functions in the core, adding to the already wide applicability of pyFormex. ...

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pyFormex 0.9.0 has been released
     posted by bverheg, Mon Mar 25 16:36:22 2013 - 0 replies

pyFormex 0.9.0 is available for download from

Most important new things:

- WebGL export
- PySide as Python bindings for Qt4
- import of DICOM images
- marching cubes algorithm
- VTK, VMTK interfaces
- fullscreen mode

See file ReleaseNotes for more details.

New Debian packages will follow soon.

pyFormex now has a WebGL exporter
     posted by bverheg, Wed Mar 13 17:29:01 2013 - 0 replies

pyFormex can now directly export (most of) your current scene to a WebGL web page that makes your 3D scene viewable from a WebGL
enabled browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari).

You can even manipulate the model with your mouse: rotate, move, zoom. And you get some GUI elements where you can change attributes like color, transparency, visibility.

Check the example(s) at (if you have a conforming browser).

New Debian packages available
     posted by bverheg, Fri Nov 9 12:30:20 2012 - 0 replies

New Debian(sid) packages are now available from our local repository.

To access it, add the following two lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

Then do:

A quick new release
     posted by bverheg, Fri Nov 9 12:14:21 2012 - 0 replies

This new release comes close after the previous one, because some people experienced installation problems with 0.8.8 (esp. those installing in a VirtualBox).

Still there are some interesting new things: update tutorial, some improved and new examples (e.g. BorderExtension), start of interfaces with Calculix FEA code.


New release 0.8.8 available
     posted by bverheg, Sun Nov 4 18:58:34 2012 - 0 replies

We have uploaded a new release of pyFormex:

This release comes with many new features and improvements, compared to release 0.8.6. There are also many new examples. ...

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pyFormex 0.8.6 released
     posted by bverheg, Mon Jan 16 21:04:54 2012 - 0 replies

We have released pyFormex 0.8.6:

The major change of this release, which comes close after the 0.8.5 release, is the improved installation procedure, which has become more standards compliant and will facilitate creation of packages for major distributions.

More details are in the file ReleaseNotes.

pyFormex 0.8.5 has been released.
     posted by bverheg, Mon Dec 5 09:29:47 2011 - 0 replies

A new release of pyFormex has just been made available.
You can grab it here:

This release has some important new features (like partial DXF import) but also many minor improvements (e.g. in the installation procedure). Finally, there has been a lot of code cleanup largely triggered by our move to Savannah.

More details are in the file ReleaseNotes.

This is now the official pyFormex home.
     posted by bverheg, Wed Nov 16 20:25:20 2011 - 0 replies

We completed the migration of the pyFormex project from BerliOS to Savannah. Well, there may be a few things left to do, but we completed at least 95% of the work. So it is time to declare this place as the One and Only Official Home for pyFormex. ...

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A new home for pyFormex posted by bverheg, Sat Nov 5 13:21:19 2011 - 0 replies
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