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 #56168 running a script from the GUI fails if python file special characters (Python3) None None 2019-04-19
 #55784 The triangles in the default Axes Triade are rendered incorrectly None None 2019-02-26
 #53573 pick elements function in gui Tools>Pick>Pick Elements fails on line2 meshes Confirmed bverheg 2018-04-06
 #52915 HYPERELASTIC, REDUCED POLYNOMIAL with N=4 (8 constants) In Progress bverheg 2018-01-16
 #49828 coords.projectOnSurface should not raise error all the times None None 2016-12-12
 #49810 Current message board is overloaded None None 2016-12-09
 #49381 Adding position method in CoordSys None bverheg 2016-10-18
 #49208 Make pyformex.conf version dependent None None 2016-09-28
 #49201 Dimensions seem not to work properly None None 2016-09-27
 #48225 Mesh.subdivide extended to non-linear elements None None 2016-06-14
 #48212 mode is no longer working per actor, except for wireframe None None 2016-06-13
 #47670 pick in viewport small bugs None None 2016-04-12
 #47572 Element or node ofset ignored when defining surfaces in plugins.fe_abq_new None None 2016-03-30
 #47407 Mesh.smooth with edg=True does not work with line mesh Ready For Test None 2016-03-14
 #47306 contact Interaction using class Interaction (or CDict) - commit 8ef3d1d None None 2016-02-29
 #46643 Specifying node and element offset in fe_abq.AbqData.write None None 2015-12-09
 #46380 coords.match() only works for fused coords objects None None 2015-11-05
 #46267 alpha and bkalpha assigned per element, and not per object None None 2015-10-21
 #46138 drawNumbers ontop=False has no effects None None 2015-10-06
 #46105 getFreeEntities and related methods should be moved from mesh.Mesh to connectivity None bverheg 2015-10-02
 #46052 save the camera in a file None None 2015-09-25
 #45704 getBorder between regions with different property numbers None None 2015-08-06
 #45586 plugins.curve.circle and closed Bezier Spline issue None None 2015-07-20
 #45354 principalSizes return Coords type instead of numpy array In Progress bverheg 2015-06-19
 #45228 selectProp if there are no prop None None 2015-06-01
 #45068 Adding a Mesh method to return the characteristic levelVolume None bverheg 2015-05-10
 #45061 Faster computation of element volumes for hex8 in Mesh None bverheg 2015-05-09
 #44909 closest in geomtools can be improved None None 2015-04-23
 #44771 coords.scale along arbitrary direction None None 2015-04-08
 #44631 Extend PolyLine.append to fuse both ends None None 2015-03-25
 #43990 Create contour lines from the OpenGL rendering Ready For Test bverheg 2015-01-12
 #43938 coordinate system (and axes) incorrectly drawn None None 2015-01-05
 #43869 TriSurface.centerline is not loaded by default when calling the method In Progress None 2014-12-22
 #43701 mesh.sweep around closed path None None 2014-11-26
 #43480 Problems with method smooth between TriSurface and Mesh Wont Fix bverheg 2014-10-27
 #43462 console and opengl.draw. why it is not imported by default? Confirmed bverheg 2014-10-23
 #43452 why splitting a curve is so difficult? (it isn't!) In Progress None 2014-10-21
 #43269 adding a parameter for the pre approximation , max / min segment length in Curve.atChordal None None 2014-09-21
 #43106 ascii or binary pgf in webGL models? In Progress bverheg 2014-08-29
 #43024 warning() + interact with GUI Confirmed None 2014-08-19
 #42441 extension of coords.sweepCoords to provide a list of bases instead of one single Coord object Ready For Test bverheg 2014-05-27
 #42335 why vtkClip return all mesh level? None gianlucadesi 2014-05-11
 #42330 Extension of Mesh.normals to return normals at elements? None None 2014-05-11
 #42327 pgf.gz in webGL scene have too many nodes Postponed None 2014-05-09
 #42244 drawPoints2D returns coordinates relative to the camera focus None None 2014-04-30
 #42166 drawNumbers does not work in wireframe mode Fixed bverheg 2014-04-22
 #42165 fillBorder with method='planar' may be incorrect None None 2014-04-22
 #42075 picking from one single object Ready For Test bverheg 2014-04-08
 #41726 multitask hangs when writing surfaces coz of pf.message? None None 2014-02-27
 #41564 geomtools.distance of points from planes None None 2014-02-12

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