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Version 3.05 released

Item posted by Winfried Brügmann <brueg> on Sun 21 Oct 2012 08:23:59 AM UTC.

 1) HoTTAdapter(2) - correct device XMLs to support current related statistics (number motor climbs vs gained height)
 2) HoTTAdapter(2) - enable filter for current drops to zero above 10A (this hurts statistics calculation regarding trigger usage)
 3) DevicePropertiesEditor - fix problem killing application due to SWT out of handles
 4) HoTTAdapter(2) - enable/refine mx20, mc20 <-> mc32 model configuration files conversion
 5) HoTTAdapter(2) - fix time difference in table view to Firmware_Upgrade_grStudio
 6) HoTTAdapter(2) - fix live data gathering receiver only
 7) HoTTAdapter- fix reading channel data from bin while multiple sensors attached
 8) UniLog - fix capacity calculation
 9) GPS-Logger - fix UniLog2 sentence detection, UniLog may lazy start relative to GPS-Logger
10) Implement support for zip compression of OSD files
11) fixed [bug #37464] Title bar of "Device Properties Editor" shows "&"
12) fixed [bug #37302] File comment is reset when I move the mouse
13) fixed [bug #37460] DataExplorer triggers Microsoft Security Essentials
14) fixed [bug #37465] Keep selection in curves selector after pressing space
15) fixed [bug #37487] Strange bug when editing in the file comment tab, if deleted within the line
16) fixed [bug #37463] Close all dialogs with ESC key
17) fixed [bug #37462] Add shortcuts like e.g. Ctrl+S to save
18) fixed [bug #37568] Object characteristics doesn´t remember last used directory
19) fixed [bug #37466] Cursor handling in Table view
20) all devices importing data - refine import path handling, enable configuration using preferences
21) refine zoom handling, support left to right zooming, right to left reset and mouse wheel support
22) enable migration of device usage, port, import path, channel/configuration usage while updating device configuration XMLs
23) enable switch off all curves at once, Ctrl+L will apply default graphics template again
24) documentation update

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