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goatee-0.2.0, goatee-gtk-0.2.0 released

Item posted by Bryan Gardiner <khumba> on Sat 23 Aug 2014 08:24:48 PM UTC.

After 359 days, I'm pleased to announce the first official release of Goatee, a game editor for the board game Go.  (Don't worry, those two remaining liberties are eyes.)  Lots of bug fixes, additions, and clean-up have been done since the previous 0.1.0 release.

UI features include:

- Game navigation, variations and variation modes, game tree restructuring.
- Annotations: marks (r/w), arrows and lines (r/o), visibility (r/o).
- Full support for game info.
- Manual editing of SGF properties.
- One-color and blind Go modes.

Two Hackage packages are available: 'goatee' is the shared library, and 'goatee-gtk' is the UI.

Lots more is planned; stay tuned!

Get it from Hackage:

- Bryan


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