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xsge_gui 0.9.1 and xsge_lighting 0.9 Released

Item posted by Julie Marchant <onpon4> on Mon 09 Nov 2015 09:17:13 PM UTC.

For the past couple of months, I've been trying to get a rewrite of the slope physics of xsge_physics to work properly, the rewrite having been made to fix some problems with xsge_physics 0.9 in that area. I would have liked to release the new xsge_physics now, but fixing all the problems in the new system has turned out to take longer than I expected, so with the last xSGE update being quite a while ago and with a new release of ReTux being on the horizon, I have decided to release xsge_gui 0.9.1 and xsge_lighting 0.9 now.

xsge_gui 0.9.1 is just a bugfix release: it fixes a problem with joystick hat menu navigation where the hat being centered (e.g. because you released a direction) caused the selection to be changed.

xsge_lighting 0.9 has more substantial changes:

  • Added a function to clear the currently projected lights without showing them: xsge_lighting.clear_lights. This is useful if you may or may not use lighting in a particular room, for example; you can have objects project lights anyway, and then clear them.
  • xsge_lighting.project_darkness now takes an "ambient_light" argument, indicating what the normal ambient lighting should be, rather than always being black.
  • xsge_lighting.project_darkness now takes a "buffer" argument indicating an extra area around views to project the darkness in. This is to compensate for a potential problem (experienced by ReTux) of the darkness not quite being projected in the right place and causing some of the room to be exposed as a result, which was ugly and could have potentially broken some games.
  • Some remaining instances of "" have been removed from the documentation (and replaced with "xsge_lighting").

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