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xsge_path 0.9.1, xsge_physics 0.10, and xsge_tmx 0.9.2 Released

Item posted by Julie Marchant <onpon4> on Fri 18 Dec 2015 10:23:15 PM UTC.

The Physics Awakens!

Seriously, though, this is a rather significant step forward for xsge_physics. It's primarily a bugfix release, but it's a bugfix release finally making xsge_physics work as it should. In ReTux, you are no longer prevented from moving up slopes, and you no longer disconnect from slopes while moving down them. Basically, xsge_physics is finally working properly; the only shortcoming it has now is that crooked corners (e.g. formed by a bottom-right and top-left slope) do not work correctly (you end up passing through one of them). But these are cases that are not normally supposed to be possible, so I'm content for the moment. It's something I'd like to fix eventually, but not urgent.

xsge_physics 0.10 also has some small changes, which is why its version number is 0.10:

  • xsge_physics.Collider.move_x and xsge_physics.Collider.move_y now take a "do_events" argument controlling whether or not physics collision events should be executed, and an "exclude_events" argument specifying certain walls that should not trigger physics collision events.
  • Physics collision events are no longer triggered by slopes you were just walking onto either from themselves, another slope, or a floor; basically, it's no longer a collision unless you were in the air previously. Previously, walking up a slope caused constant collision events, which wasn't causing a serious problem for ReTux, but could be annoying for some games.

The new releases of xsge_path and xsge_tmx are much more minor. xsge_path 0.9.1 just adds a safeguard against delta_mult values of 0 (which can occur if you set the recently added attribute too high), and xsge_tmx 0.9.2 has been slightly tweaked so that it can handle tileset changes to the same extent that Tiled can.

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