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xSGE Updates

Item posted by Layla Marchant <onpon4> on Fri 12 Feb 2016 10:28:25 AM UTC.

Because of the compatibility breakage of version 0.23 of the SGE, every component of xSGE has been given a new release to bring them all up-to-date with this new SGE release. xsge_gui, xsge_physics, and xsge_tmx have also received other updates.

xsge_gui has been most substantially updated. Major changes in version 0.10 (other than updating to SGE 0.23) are:

  • There is now a series of variables defining what keys and joystick events cause what actions, making control customization possible.
  • The Window class now has an event for when keyboard focus changes, event_change_keyboard_focus. This replaces MenuWindow.event_change_selection, which has been removed.
  • Various events have been added to utilize the standard set of configurable controls.

Major changes in version 0.11 of xsge_physics are:

  • Added the possibility to control whether mobile walls push in any given direction.
  • Added support for "nonstick" colliders, which don't stick to slopes or mobile walls that are "sticky".

And finally, xsge_tmx now has had the following changes:

  • Added use of tile object sizes.
  • Added use of layer offsets.

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