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Better support for Apple MacOS X High Sierra

Item posted by Joël Krähemann <jkraehemann> on Tue 14 Nov 2017 11:55:02 PM UTC.

Recent days, I just replaced every nested function on 1.1.x-mac git branch. These changes are probably going to master, too. Later I am going to merge to 1.2.x branch. One thing I need to say is: I love nested functions but to test the it is much easier to not do so.


GSequencer v1.2.x is huge

Lots of changes are going to be introduced. In view of previous release cycle it takes more time to next minor release. The ability to record audio data demands many new features for the backend alike the user interface.

Grained control of audio data

Now, it makes definitely sense to implement machine properties allowing you to set samplerate and format. Further set assigned soundcard is beneficial and would be mapped to:

  • AgsMachineConfig

Introducing again configuration in place won't be a pain, anymore. Since you are able to have grained control.

Recognizing that you probably want to specify an audio file providing to AgsWaveEdit. This is going to be done analogues to any other audio file. You shall be able to open it by the link editor.

More unit tests

Test coverage is here but still is not very good. Merging changes from 1.1.x-mac branch will enable us to have better tests.

Functional tests missing ...

There no functional tests available to automation editor and envelope dialog. And probably other features still need automated testing.

Done so far

The objects AgsDevin, AgsJackDevin and AgsPulseDevin are implemented. AgsJackServer and AgsJackClient got extended in view of soundcard input.

So Basically you could record using ALSA, OSSv4 or Jack Audio Connection Kit from your soundcard.

The MacOS X binary available on historical project location on gets an update, soon.

"Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer"

By Joël


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