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Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer v2.1.2 released

Item posted by Joël Krähemann <jkraehemann> on Fri 30 Nov 2018 06:55:47 PM UTC.

This is an early release containing highly experimental version of the builtin OSC server. The missing unit-tests are written withing the next few days.

OSC Server and controllers

Implemented OSC server with different server paths. It has a front controller passing the requests to the matching context path of a controller.

The server supports IPv4 and IPv6 using UDP or TCP protocol.

OSC content format


There is a new OSC buffer util and util file. Further you may use the AgsOscBuilder or AgsOscParser to interact with the OSC content format.

Configuration in place

Configuration in place is performed using AgsApplySoundConfig task. Note this is a destructive action. All playback is stopped and soundcards are destroyed and recreated. Further the audio objects are reset to default soundcard.

by Joël

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