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GSequencer v3.0.4 - new major release arrived

Item posted by Joël Krähemann <jkraehemann> on Sun 19 Jan 2020 12:19:27 AM UTC.

The Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer has got a new major release and migrated from Gtk+-2.0 to Gtk-3 version 3.18.0. We include a documentation browser using WebKit2Gtk-4.0, which shows you the user's handbook.

One goal is to support to compile the source code using LLVM's clang. Further we abandoned POSIX thread API in favor of GThread. Those AgsThread was reworked and AgsThread::clock() was rewritten from scratch.

Further networking code was migrated to GIO.

AgsServer XMLRPC sessions

AgsServer finally was implemented using libsoup-2.4. Providing you an extensible XMLRPC server and giving you basic authentication module. The builtin authentication is done by XML files. The session storage uses XML, too. Thought, this is all done by interfaces:

  • AgsAuthentication
  • AgsCertificate
  • AgsBusinessGroup
  • AgsPasswordStore

So you may provide your very own backend.


The OSC server was extended to support transport over XMLRPC the responses arrive by a Websocket. For every XMLRPC request, you get an HTTP response including the redirect with resource id. This can be used to connect to the matching websocket.


I just added many annotations to generate .gir and .typelib files for:

  • Ags.gir
  • AgsAudio.gir
  • AgsGui.gir

I had to modify AgsUUID and AgsComplex typedef in order to support these 2 types.

About the user interface

The application supports basic key strokes, now.

  • Ctrl-o - open a file
  • Ctrl-s - save a file as
  • Ctrl-q - quit
  • Ctrl-h - show help

The builtin theme has been dropped. So `gsequencer`'s main window looks like:

Further custom colors have been discarded and we use mainly foreground, background and text color. The selection tool from editors draws with some transparency of fg color. The segmentation is done by dotted lines. The automation editor looks now like:

AgsAudiorec has got a "fast export" item within its context menu. Enabling you to export your edited audio files immediately. Since it is related here is the wave form editor:

Small improvements

AgsSpectrometer was improved to show 192 visual points resulting in smoother visualization. Further the MIDI import/export was refactored.

... and many bug-fixes.

by Joël

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