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bug #24521: Translations

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Submitted on:  Fri Oct 10 16:55:07 2008  
Category: translationSeverity: 3 - Normal
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Mon Apr 18 21:41:24 2011, comment #38:

I have downloaded from subversion and it works!


Àngel Mompó <mecatxis>
Sat Apr 16 18:47:05 2011, comment #37:

I have made the changes in subversion revision 2653.

To try this out yourself without having to use subversion, make the following local changes:

On line 55 of src/editor/main.cpp, add these two lines:
bind_textdomain_codeset (GETTEXT_PACKAGE, "UTF-8");
and then change the following line from:
textdomain (GETTEXT_PACKAGE);
textdomain ("lordsawar");

Recompile, and then try running lordsawar-editor. This won't fix the other 4 editor programs; it only fixes the scenario editor.

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Sat Apr 16 18:32:15 2011, comment #36:

Not today. Maybe not tomorrow. Could be on monday.

Is a question of time

Or if you tell me witch file should i change, I am not a developer, but I am able to change some few lines of code.

Àngel Mompó <mecatxis>
Sat Apr 16 17:23:30 2011, comment #35:

None? Yikes.

Well maybe the difference is in how gettext is initialized.
in the game i do:
setlocale(LC_ALL, Configuration::s_lang.c_str());
bind_textdomain_codeset (GETTEXT_PACKAGE, "UTF-8");
textdomain (GETTEXT_PACKAGE);
but in the editor(s) i do:
setlocale(LC_ALL, Configuration::s_lang.c_str());
textdomain ("lordsawar");

If I make the change in subversion, can you try it?

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Sat Apr 16 17:17:06 2011, comment #34:

No words appears translated, but they in the po file.

Maybe i should do anything special while compiling...

Àngel Mompó <mecatxis>
Sat Apr 16 16:00:13 2011, comment #33:

Well it's hard for me to answer because I don't use translations. Perhaps another translator can say if their translations are working in the editors?

What words aren't getting translated?

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Sat Apr 16 15:15:06 2011, comment #32:

Are the translations for the editors working?

I have translated some words and they not appear translated.

Àngel Mompó <mecatxis>
Fri Apr 15 07:52:18 2011, comment #31:

Thanks Ben

The problem was that the po file was not updated.

Usualy, in other translation project projects i have worked, the po files are updated automatically and i simply translate it as it comes from the server.

I merged it with the pot file, tested and it works fine now.

Àngel Mompó <mecatxis>
Sun Apr 10 19:50:57 2011, comment #30:

Thanks for following up.

3+4. I can see that "Start a headless server" appears in the .pot file at http://translationproject.org/POT-files/lordsawar-0.2.0-pre4.pot So I'm guessing it's a character set problem. What happens if you enter the wrong translation, but with text you know works elsewhere? Are you using UTF-8?

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Sun Apr 10 19:00:18 2011, comment #29:

1+2 I'm translating lordsawar0.2.1 version from catalan group in translation project.

3 The other buttons, like "New Game" appears translated to me.

4 The completely translated help says:


-h, --help Mostra aquesta pantalla d'ajuda
-c, --cache-size <size> Estableix la memòria cau per imatges a SIZE bytes
-t, --test Comença amb un escenari de proves
-S, --seed <number> Posa al generador d'aleatoris a NUMBER
-s, --stress-test Prova d'estrès no interactiva
-r, --robots Prova d'estrès de la xarxa no interactiva
-H, --host Start a headless server
-p, --port <number> Start the server on the given port

The latest two sentences look strange to me if others are translate, don't you? :D

Thanks to you all!

Àngel Mompó <mecatxis>
Sat Apr 9 18:13:22 2011, comment #28:

First of all, thanks for translating!

1. What version are you trying to compile?

2. Are you doing this through the translationproject.org?

3. "New Play By Mail Game" comes from splash-window.ui. Does "New Game" appear translated to you? I'm wondering if any text from .ui files appears translated for you. I haven't heard of this problem from any of the other translators.

4. I thought the convention was to not translate long options, like --port and --host. Perhaps a compromise is to translate the arguments to options.

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Sat Apr 9 17:44:26 2011, comment #27:

I'm translating to catalan and I have a major issue. Some of the sentences simply does not appear translated when I compile.

As an example:
in the main menu "New Play By Mail game" -> "Nova partida per c/e"
or the "Select" button -> "_Selecciona"

Both appears in english.

In help the --host and --port cannot be translated (there are no sentences in the po file.

Àngel Mompó <mecatxis>
Tue Mar 1 21:39:49 2011, comment #26:

Well, then I'll wait until you upload the new pot to http://translationproject.org/. I thought you might have forgotten to upload the file as you are working very hard on fixing the bugs at the moment.

Martin Thoma <moose>
Project Member
Tue Mar 1 21:36:03 2011, comment #25:

It's still changing every day.

Feel free to grab an unofficial 0.2.0-pre1 pot file from :


Watch out though... that file will be replaced with another 0.2.0-pre1. And when that happens I'll send the new pot file to the translation project.

When will that happen? Well I want to finish off the components I'm currently working on, so it might take a week.

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Tue Mar 1 20:26:37 2011, comment #24:

Hi Ben,

could you please upload the new .pot-file for LordsAWar! Version 0.2.0-pre1?


Martin Thoma <moose>
Project Member
Mon Feb 14 23:27:09 2011, comment #23:

The German translation has been committed into the latest sources.

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Mon Feb 14 23:23:38 2011, comment #22:

Thanks for the German Translation! You don't have to upload it here to notify me... the robot from the translation project does that just fine.

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Mon Dec 1 17:44:44 2008, comment #21:

No, I'm busy at the moment. So far I translated the "game" strings in lordsawar.pot, not the "editor" ones. There is still space for optimizations in the translations ;) However, it's an improvement.
The diff makes no sense, so here's the full de.po.


(file #16961)

-Deleted Account- <tobis>
Sat Nov 29 19:32:58 2008, comment #20:

Ping, are you still working on a translation?

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Sun Oct 26 11:57:59 2008, comment #19:


Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Sun Oct 26 09:17:48 2008, comment #18:

More translation framework improvements.

(file #16735)

-Deleted Account- <tobis>
Sat Oct 25 16:06:22 2008, comment #17:

appled to svn. Thanks!

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Sat Oct 25 15:10:21 2008, comment #16:

It's much more work than I expected. What I did beside translating:
- removed more debug code from translation
- fixed minor spelling things
Because available game translation (no editors yet) is nearly completed, I recognize thatd there are many untranslated strings. I will add some important ones to the translation soon.

(file #16734)

-Deleted Account- <tobis>
Tue Oct 21 14:23:13 2008, comment #15:


making new bug for the genneration window being too small.

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Tue Oct 21 06:53:57 2008, comment #14:

A little more code change to keep synced with trunk:
- mark debug output
- remove debug translations
- FIXME: GUI progress window too small, strings in progress.emit() not seen there
- translation of --help and error output

(file #16716)

-Deleted Account- <tobis>
Sun Oct 19 11:45:14 2008, comment #13:

I'd like to add your name to the ChangeLog as I apply this patch to the codebase. Do you mind giving me your name?

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Sun Oct 19 09:14:02 2008, comment #12:

I started to translate. Here's a first diff file (no translations included yet). Still a long way to go...

My plan:
- Remove needless translations
- Add missing translations
- Testing, testing, testing
- Send de.po

(file #16700)

Sat Oct 18 10:24:31 2008, comment #11:

Yes, it does. Thanks! I'm now going to figure out, how the environmental variables and the d_lang option work together. When I feel comfortable with that I'll hopefully make a German translation.

Fri Oct 17 23:01:35 2008, comment #10:

Great. Does make install create the .mo files now?


Barry deFreese <bddebian>
Project Member
Fri Oct 17 21:27:14 2008, comment #9:

Hell, you're right. Uncommenting the gettext and intltool lines from autogen.sh build the files. There were some instructions (aclocal,...) afterwards, but 'make' automatically complies with that.


Fri Oct 17 18:54:52 2008, comment #8:

Just out of curiosity, after running make, do you have the .gmo files in po/ ? If not, would you mind uncommenting the gettext and intltool lines from autogen.sh and trying again?


Barry deFreese <bddebian>
Project Member
Fri Oct 17 17:44:00 2008, comment #7:

I think it's broken. It's working with old stable 0.1.0 but not with the developmental 0.1.3.

Thu Oct 16 21:38:18 2008, comment #6:

I'm using Debian testing and did exactly what you posted (and what I did before). I'm sorry, it's not working. The GNU tools work without any error, there are just no .mo produced :(

In Debian testing there are precompiled packages (0.1.0), they have this files. I feel stupid...

Thu Oct 16 06:45:32 2008, comment #5:

Thank you! But that's what I'm actually doing. I'll try it again at the weekend.

Wed Oct 15 20:00:42 2008, comment #4:

To properly create the .mo files, you need to build the software.

If you're on ubuntu 8.04 you can run the following commands to get the build dependencies:
$ sudo apt-get install automake autoconf libtool m4 autotools-dev g++ libsigc++-2.0-dev libglibmm-2.4-dev libgtkmm-2.4-dev gettext subversion libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev libglademm-2.4-dev libgnet-dev libboost-dev uuid-dev intltool cvs

And then to build the software you:
$ svn co svn://lordsawar.com/lordsawar
$ cd lordsawar/lordsawar/trunk
$ autogen.sh
$ ./configure && make

Running `sudo make install' at this point will create files like: /usr/local/share/locale/${LINGUA}/LC_MESSAGES/lordsawar.mo .

I hope this helps, because I'd really like to see some nice translations!

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Wed Oct 15 19:27:57 2008, comment #3:

I can make the translations "manually" run, but that is not satisfactory. How are the lordsawar.mo produced and copied properly? Does anybody know out there?

For me it's hard to handle with the automake/conf... files. That's because of missing experience and secondly I think there is much ballast in these files not needed (anymore).

Mon Oct 13 07:56:18 2008, comment #2:

I investigated a little why it's not working. I assume that the translations are not installed or at least not properly. I compared to other programs and found locations like
where ${LINGUA}=de,fr,... These paths are defined in the configure scripts and used by specific gettext functions.

I'm not sure, when/if I can solve this.

Fri Oct 10 20:38:30 2008, comment #1:

The translations have been in an unusable state for a long time. Now that the game is mostly written and not changing a lot, it makes sense for the translations to begin. A german translation would be greatly appreciated.

Try changing the <d_lang> line in the ~/.lordsawarrc file.

Ben Asselstine <benasselstine>
Project Administrator
Fri Oct 10 16:55:07 2008, original submission:

I had look at the *.po files. I must say, the German one is crap ;)

Missing translations are ok, but completely wrong ones? As far I can see, it's not much different with the other languages. I'm a native German speaker and interested in translating the de.po, if you like.

Unfortunately I don't know how to start LordsAWar in other languages, the program falls back to "C", immediately when started (I used LC_ALL,... options and started the program from bash). Do you know how it works? I'm using en_US as default for my system.



(Note: upload size limit is set to 16384 kB, after insertion of the required escape characters.)

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Attached Files
file #22688:  lordsawar-0.1.9-pre3.de.po added by moose (204kB - text/x-gettext-translation - I have translated over 50% today into German. I hope I can translate at least 75% tomorrow. See http://translationproject.org/domain/lordsawar.html I also added the po-file here, I don't want to lose it.)
file #16961:  de.po added by tobis (95kB - text/x-gettext-translation)
file #16735:  lang4.diff added by tobis (7kB - text/x-patch)
file #16734:  lang3.diff added by tobis (23kB - text/x-patch)
file #16716:  lang2.diff added by tobis (7kB - text/x-patch)
file #16700:  lang1.diff added by None (5kB - text/x-patch)


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