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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #56073 [cmake] freetype2.pc cannot request (Requires.private) bzip2 None None 2019-04-04
 #56036 [cmake] State Harfbuzz is required dependency None None 2019-03-30
 #55499 Wrong outline orientation of mirrored sub-glyphs Confirmed wl 2019-01-17
 #55378 A behavior change during "Modernize CMake build" None None 2019-01-04
 #55235 CMake update build scripts to support all features None None 2018-12-17
 #55080 Clarification of subpixel rsb/lsb deltas None None 2018-11-23
 #55001 incorrect hinting of scaled subglyphs Confirmed wl 2018-11-10
 #54969 Document FT_Face_Rec_::bbox as unreliable / deprecated. None None 2018-11-06
 #54852 HarfBuzz deprecation of hb_ot_tags_from_script breaks afshaper.c compilation None None 2018-10-17
 #54846 CMake fails to install on Windows None morksig 2018-10-16
 #54450 Check for CMake target for third-party libs before using system libs Need Info morksig 2018-08-05
 #54341 Proposed modifications in `FreeType Design / IV'. None None 2018-07-20
 #54257 Unexceptably slow FT_New_Face for PCF font None podtelez 2018-07-06
 #52654 Support WOFF2 format Postponed None 2017-12-13
 #52215 Autohinter support for box drawing unicode range None wl 2017-10-12
 #51339 Incorrect rendering of glyphs with new FreeType Library Need Info podtelez 2017-06-29
 #51156 Expose pstables.h ft_adobe_glyph_list and ft_get_adobe_glyph_index as public API None None 2017-06-01
 #49527 (S)light hinting invokes the native hinter if possible - TrueType engine support. In Progress wl 2016-11-03
 #49187 Control FreeType with a configuration file Postponed wl 2016-09-26
 #49061 FT_Attach_File does not recognize Type 1 Multiple Master Metrics files Postponed wl 2016-09-11
 #47114 Infinite loops in gray_render_line Confirmed podtelez 2016-02-11
 #46486 Check in some simple fonts for testing/fuzzing. In Progress cherusker 2015-11-21
 #46141 Support for SVG Glyphs in OpenType None wl 2015-10-07
 #45676 enclose FreeType in a C++ namespace None None 2015-08-02
 #45596 FT_Outline_Embolden produces artifacts for a number of fonts Confirmed podtelez 2015-07-21
 #44689 Support for vector layered color fonts In Progress wl 2015-04-01
 #43630 Functions or macros to manually construct an FT_Outline None None 2014-11-18
 #43441 reduce calls of trigonometric functions in the stroker Postponed podtelez 2014-10-19
 #43440 glyph uni636E in msyh.ttf heavily distorted with subpixel hinting Confirmed infinality 2014-10-19
 #43380 Add flag to make FT_Load_Glyph obey gasp table data Postponed None 2014-10-08
 #43248 New CFF engine is too slow None None 2014-09-18
 #43234 bold Luxi Sans rendered incorrectly Invalid wl 2014-09-16
 #43075 FT_Outline: use unsigned instead of short? Postponed None 2014-08-26
 #43033 FreeType disables 64-bit calculations on 64-bit platform In Progress podtelez 2014-08-20
 #43014 Merge freetype2-demos repo into freetype2 Postponed None 2014-08-18
 #42945 chase compiler warnings in ftjam None None 2014-08-08
 #42522 Autohinter - dots too close with 'i', 'j', '?', '!' Confirmed wl 2014-06-08
 #42446 Autohinter and TrueType engine should provide stem darkening Postponed wl 2014-05-27
 #42406 OTF and TTF versions of the same font render small type differently Confirmed wl 2014-05-23
 #41411 Deprecated OS X functions None mpsuzuki 2014-01-31
 #39383 Performance of tt_face_get_metrics None wl 2013-07-01
 #32696 Add hinting fallback for unhinted PS fonts (of any flavour) Confirmed wl 2011-03-07
 #30908 Stray pixel from FT_Outline_Get_Bitmap() Confirmed wl 2010-08-30
 #29298 inconsistently dropping sub-pixel features None None 2010-03-22
 #27045 "mingw32-make.exe setup" does not work well in CMD of WINE In Progress mpsuzuki 2009-07-17
 #26878 ftjam does not behave as expected in cygwin Confirmed freetype 2009-06-24
 #25842 Missing support for grayscale bitmaps in the memory-optimized sbit loader Confirmed wl 2009-03-12
 #24357 Autohinter poorly hints U+0119 ę in DejaVu Sans Confirmed freetype 2008-09-23
 #23692 Accessing custom font file formats (Custom Drivers) Confirmed None 2008-06-24
 #23537 When hintstyle=hintslight, character is rendered incorrectly (tilde as macron) Confirmed None 2008-06-11

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