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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #43810 Uninstall deleted too much! None None 2014-12-12
 #41967 Resource Usage Not Exact None None 2014-03-26
 #40645 boswars should compile with Lua 5.2 None None 2013-11-20
 #37860 Resource bar is cluttered, conveys misinformation, lacks association with other display of resources in the gui None feb 2012-12-03
 #37855 Sound mix is too loud at times None None 2012-12-03
 #37846 Build sites on top of runis confuse red/green build indicator Confirmed None 2012-12-01
 #37835 Units can shoot at targets that they can't see Invalid feb 2012-11-29
 #35879 On Linux, Screen goes gray and freezes after switching from Full Screen and back None None 2012-03-17
 #34741 Nuclear silos are way too powerful None None 2011-11-03
 #34255 Crashes on patch creation, BosWars 2.6.1, Windows7 In Progress None 2011-09-08
 #31759 Some computer units can really slow/tarpit the game None None 2010-12-02
 #30857 No warning when resources are low Confirmed None 2010-08-23
 #30320 Tutorial needs to be improved None None 2010-07-02
 #30287 Windows release needs newer runtime libraries None None 2010-06-29
 #29995 missing energy consuming building feature None None 2010-05-30
 #29765 Jet fighters shooting each other None None 2010-05-04
 #29664 unit-buggy and several other units do not get faster on roads None None 2010-04-25
 #29457 Keyboard scrolling restarts mouse scrolling when mouse pointer is not in window Confirmed None 2010-04-07
 #29212 Group gestion does not work (without numeric pad) Confirmed feb 2010-03-13
 #29101 Arrow keys in the map editor scroll both the unit palette and the map Confirmed None 2010-03-07
 #29098 Cannot queue orders to harvest a tree and build something in its place None None 2010-03-07
 #29097 Health bars get hidden behind other units (especially artils) None None 2010-03-07
 #29095 Engineers autorepair a building that another engineer is recycling None None 2010-03-07
 #29094 Upper-case non-ASCII hotkey fails, e.g. if I set msgstr "~!Äänet" None None 2010-03-07
 #29092 Building with ALT key is useless None None 2010-03-07
 #22214 gun turret graphic facing wrong directions Confirmed None 2008-02-02
 #20789 A path error when opening BOSWars in MacOsX Confirmed None 2007-08-15
 #20129 jet fighter isn't centered None None 2007-06-08
 #18278 reduce use of piercing damage None None 2006-11-12
 #18275 another graphics for cannon missile? None None 2006-11-12
 #18273 buildings space <-> tile space None None 2006-11-12
 #12475 Problems saving a map Confirmed None 2005-03-27

        32 matching items - Items 1 to 32        

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