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LordsAWar 0.1.6 released!

Item posted by Ben Asselstine <benasselstine> on Wed 21 Oct 2009 08:53:53 AM UTC.

At long last version 0.1.6 has been released.

updated license to gplv3+.
added graphics for medals that get awarded to army units.
added new "inactive" unit graphics in stack display.
improved the "create a new game" experience.
improved the speed of map graphic redraws.
improved the editing of stacks, heroes, and backpacks in the scenario editor.
fixed various crashing bugs.
added new neutral city mode of "defensive".
updated the user's manual.

Thanks to Ingmar, Barry, Ian, Frans, Mikko, and Joe for all their help.

This version took a long time because of the substantial rewrite of the drawing subsystem. Under the hood the graphics are now drawn with gtk, instead of SDL.

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