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new terrain artwork update

Item posted by Ben Asselstine <benasselstine> on Fri Nov 27 11:44:59 2009.

David Baumgart has taken a slightly more painterly direction in his efforts to make a new default set of terrain tiles for the game.

You can see his latest efforts here:

I think this tileset is really starting to look great.

The 1, 2, and 3 numerals on the graphics are different ways of drawing forest. I like number 2 the best. If you have an opinion on the forest or any other part of the tileset, let me know by mailing me at Now is the time for feedback!


My vote. (posted by Quentin Pradet, Fri Nov 27 13:39:24 2009)

Forest number two looks better indeed. Great work!

Where does forest two really end? It looks a bit different on the right, maybe it is intentional (I don't talk about number 3). There is also a "spike" in the down left of the forest, where the separation between trees is not clear.

Sorry for my english, I hope the above paragraph is understandable.



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