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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #8521 adds support for per recipient/per sender drop score None None 2014-08-23
 #7950 Add quarantine option, similar to reject None None 2013-02-11
 #7067 reject based on spamassassin rule None None 2010-01-18
 #5342 Handle internal mail server (network) None None 2006-08-28
 #5241 Patch to avoid scanning emails sent by authenticated users None None 2006-07-15
 #5189 Customizeable Rejecttext None None 2006-06-17
 #5085 A patch for mailinglist servers None None 2006-05-11
 #4298 Catch spams which contain little more than a URL None None 2005-08-11
 #4119 make spam filterable with outlook express and lotus notes None None 2005-06-23
 #3920 Adds an option to skip mails from authenticated peers None None 2005-04-19
 #3513 Allows multiple invocations of -r -b -B with or without rejection messages and/or score ranges None None 2004-11-11
 #3446 Cope with changed format of X-Spam-Status header in SA 3.0.0 None None 2004-10-14
 #3383 Adds -a (-r and -b|-B handling) switch, add -R rcpt-filter, heads off possible -B loops None None 2004-09-22
 #3372 Adds -R flag to allow for external program to filter recipients None dnelson 2004-09-20
 #3143 Add -q[uiet] flag to sa-learn for use in scripts None None 2004-06-20
 #1886 Do not read entire body into memory if -m or -M set None dnelson 2003-09-06
 #1755 Reject a message and send a copy to mailbucket None dnelson 2003-07-21
 #1538 Another patch to prevent filtering outgoing messages None dnelson 2003-05-27
 #1435 Patch to add a no-SA override patch None None 2003-04-28
 #1348 Allow runtime specification of spamc location None None 2003-04-01
 #1063 Error state None None 2003-02-04
 #971 Startup script for redhat None None 2003-01-17
 #714 Combined spam routing options None None 2002-11-26
 #586 Move Content-Type header change and fix retrieve_field None None 2002-10-23

        24 matching items - Items 1 to 24        

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