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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #49965 gksudo slowness None None 2016-12-31
 #49030 Thunar Crash None None 2016-09-08
 #49029 This Bug Report Page Doesn't Work None None 2016-09-08
 #48784 gksu 2.02 crashes X Server with some serial, gdb trace attached None None 2016-08-14
 #42440 Popup overlay breaks accessibility. Unable to use onscreen keyboard. None None 2014-05-27
 #40023 command is not escaped when run_mode is not SUDO_MODE None None 2013-09-13
 #38071 Migrate from GConf to GSettings None None 2013-01-12
 #37872 Support XDG basedir specification None None 2012-12-05
 #37667 gksu freezes applications that write to stderr None None 2012-11-04
 #36616 gksudo (gksu-2.0.2) failes if /tmp is polyinstantiated None None 2012-06-10
 #36129 gksu-2.0.2 should not hard-code nautilus extensions directory None None 2012-04-07
 #36127 gksu-2.0.2 fails to build with >=glib-2.31 due to #include <glib/gkeyfile.h> None None 2012-04-07
 #35241 libgksu-2.0.12 fails to build after autoreconf with automake-1.11.2 None None 2012-01-05
 #32347 I found something unoptimal in sourcecode. None None 2011-02-04
 #30973 gksu shows chars in password when enable input method. None None 2010-09-06
 #30797 gksu-run-helper can't be installed in path with spaces in it None None 2010-08-17
 #30437 GKSu "Remember password" checkbox ignores mandatory /apps/gksu/save-to-keyring None None 2010-07-13
 #27129 nautilus-gksu fails to run MIME handlers with parameters None None 2009-07-28
 #26393 gksu should report if alternate keyboard layout is on None None 2009-04-29
 #26235 It seems gksu has wrong cross desktop syntax :[ None None 2009-04-19
 #25362 erroneous Makefile.am rules None None 2009-01-19
 #25361 doesn't build on freebsd None None 2009-01-19
 #25360 should use po/LINGUAS None None 2009-01-19
 #25114 Security: running gksu(do) on another display None None 2008-12-17
 #24952 There is no main loop in gksu None None 2008-11-27
 #24408 gksu: wrong exit status when command is canceled None None 2008-09-29
 #24318 gksu[do] doesn't work well with non-root user None None 2008-09-20
 #23616 Synaptic: "_cache->open() failed" and quits. None None 2008-06-17
 #23602 Provide a better root terminal icon (gksu-root-terminal.png) None None 2008-06-16
 #23332 Popup notifications by libnotify are allowed to overlay gksu None None 2008-05-23
 #23320 Does gksu_sudo_full not reporting failure None None 2008-05-22
 #22374 Possible security issue with --description None None 2008-02-21
 #22040 Ambiguous request for password None None 2008-01-17
 #21781 gksu fails when non-standard password prompt from su / sudo is used None None 2007-12-12
 #21052 "markup" in command in su_ask_password's dialog message gets not escaped (patch) None None 2007-09-12
 #20921 GKSU does not grab the second display on a dual monitor setup! None None 2007-08-28
 #20781 GKSu Crashes Nautilus when Opening 'Login Window' Launcher as Administrator None None 2007-08-14
 #20673 Excessive CPU usage None None 2007-08-03
 #20576 gksudo should not launch "starting administrative application" None None 2007-07-24
 #19563 Format string bug in gksu.c None None 2007-04-09
 #19506 Please add gksu translation zh_CN None None 2007-04-04
 #19233 gksu looks for gksu_run_helper in the wrong path on x86_64 None None 2007-03-07
 #19181 libgksu: fading in and out None None 2007-03-02
 #19136 nautilus-gksu opens extra window when opening folders None None 2007-02-24
 #19132 modifying PAM configuration could break gksu None None 2007-02-23
 #18754 GKSu does not support ARGB transparency None None 2007-01-11
 #18163 gksu desktop items are not localized Fixed kov 2006-10-31
 #17589 libgksu configure doesn't check for glib existence None None 2006-09-01
 #17449 gksu-properties dialog not userfriendly None None 2006-08-16
 #14881 libgksu: pty.h isn't portable None kov 2005-10-28

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