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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Should be Finished on
 #12638 Create Icons for malayalam typewriter keyboard layout and minscript keyboard layout None None 2013-06-10
 #12637 Complete and expand the documentation about the Imput methods None None 2013-06-10
 #12560 Automate Rendering Testing None None 2013-12-31
 #12559 Add Indic rendering support in ConTeXt None None 2013-12-31
 #12558 Create a spell checker for Indic language that understands inflections None None 2013-12-31
 #12556 Add proper Indic / Malayalam support and rendering to GRASS GIS None None 2013-12-31
 #12555 Add Indic / Malayalam rendering to MapServer + OpenLayers stack None None 2013-12-31
 #12553 Create Bold and Italic variants for Meera and Rachana None None 2013-12-31
 #10922 Create a translation style and convention guide for Malayalam None annapathrose 2011-02-07
 #10761 Firefox Dictionary Extension using SILPA json apis None nishan_n 2010-12-08
 #10726 ശാലിനിയെയും മാലിനിയെയും m17n ല്‍ എത്തിക്കുക None None 2010-11-27
 #10654 LibreOffice Autocorrect Database In Progress manojkmohan 2010-11-03
 #10635 M17N Keymap for Remington Keyboard Ready For Test sebinaj 2010-10-24
 #10622 Package English-Malayalam Dictionary None praveen_a 2010-10-19
 #10462 Add dropdown context menu for suggestion for swanalekha js/jquery None None 2010-08-17
 #10450 Add devanagari support to payyans None None 2010-06-09
 #10449 create a new version of Meera font with lowered latin glyphs None None 2010-11-09
 #9545 Customize ICU Collation for correcting the sorting in Openoffice applications None None 2009-09-11
 #9435 Integrate Approximate Search to Desktop applications None None 2009-07-26
 #9433 Update and Test Payyans APIs for Python 3.0 In Progress anoop_p 2009-09-21
 #9330 Crossword generator for Malayalam None harivishnu 2010-03-17
 #9305 Convert English-Malayalam dictionary to TEI XML format In Progress iamsunilk 2011-02-27
 #9134 Fortune Malayalam database Ready For Test santhosh 2009-02-18
 #9133 Hyphenation plugin for Inkscape Ready For Test santhosh 2009-10-18
 #9095 translate debian package descriptions In Progress smc-localization 2009-02-05
 #9094 translate common man pages to malayalam None smc-localization 2009-02-05
 #9059 Libreoffice Localization None smc-localization 2011-03-26
 #9044 Develop a web crawler for Malayalam None smc-nlp 2009-03-22
 #9042 Gedit plugin for Ascii-Unicode converter In Progress nishan_n 2009-02-22
 #9017 Add Kollavarsham to KDE Calendar system None None 2011-04-16
 #9016 Fix Inflection and Agglutination in Malayalam spellchecking In Progress santhosh 2009-08-16
 #9013 Firefox Malayalam Localization In Progress smc-localization 2009-01-25
 #8961 KLetters Malayalam In Progress sujithh 2011-02-25
 #8950 Create a map of Kerala in kgeography None None 2009-02-28
 #8905 English-Malayalam dcitionary in DICT format Ready For Test rajeeshknambiar 2009-05-06
 #8904 Malayalam-Malayalam Dictionary in DICT format In Progress rajeeshknambiar 2009-03-06
 #8875 Sahana Malayalam Localization In Progress harivishnu 2009-11-28
 #8474 integrate KDE's search code to GNOME None praveen_a 2008-08-06
 #8473 Create a Drupal module that simplifies translation workflow None None 2008-08-06
 #8429 Stellarium Malayalam Localization None shijualex 2008-10-24
 #8426 Fedora Installer Malayalam Localization Ready For Test annapathrose 2008-07-25
 #8118 A compendium for tranlations None annapathrose 2008-07-06
 #8107 Prepare m17n table for minscript keymap Ready For Test jiesh_kj007 2008-04-30
 #7647 Localization and Preparation of Educational Softwares in Malayalam In Progress smc-edu 2008-07-08
 #7616 Come up with a Malayalam animation movie like Peach In Progress smc-artists 2008-07-05
 #7438 Translate the gnu.org webpages to Malayalam In Progress smc-writers 2008-01-10
 #7417 A Handbook for the new users to start using GNU/linux in Malayalam In Progress pratheesh 2009-03-27
 #7370 Swathanthra Malayalam Corpus None smc-nlp 2008-10-08
 #7227 Keymap for malayalam typewriter in SCIM using m17n libraries Ready For Test jiesh_kj007 2007-08-29
 #7103 Artworks for free desktops based on Kerala's culture and language In Progress smc-artists 2011-07-22

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