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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #52371 Color of descriptions are drawn with wrong color None None 2017-11-08
 #51873 Synaptic does not show package descriptions respecting WM colors None None 2017-08-27
 #49556 parallelize xapian-apt-index None None 2016-11-08
 #42560 3rd party software sources in /etc/apt/sources.list are listed as "Local/*" filters in "Origin" filter category. None None 2014-06-15
 #40519 Restrictive umask propagates to synaptic session, thereby removing access by "other" for installed files of all sorts. None None 2013-11-08
 #37887 Support XDG basedir specification None None 2012-12-08
 #37530 reset setting 'Automatically close after the changes' None None 2012-10-09
 #30755 synaptic slow: description search, first install, sub view change None None 2010-08-12
 #28466 Resorting of packages list after marking in quick search None None 2010-01-02
 #28326 Search history is cleared too often. Ready For Test mvogt 2009-12-18
 #27980 add notifys via libnotify None None 2009-11-09
 #26854 gtk-ok and gtk-cancel should not be translatable In Progress mvogt 2009-06-20
 #25554 "Upgradable (upstream)" custom filter doesn't catch all updates, marked or unmarked. None None 2009-02-11
 #25042 Add option for searching package owner of a specific file None None 2008-12-08
 #22528 Temporary File Delete None None 2008-03-10
 #21480 Feature Request: Dependency File None None 2007-10-30
 #21105 Synaptic (0.60) ignores/forgets font size changes None None 2007-09-17
 #19148 UI enhancements None None 2007-02-25
 #19071 Synaptic ignores gnome theme None None 2007-02-17
 #18906 Can't load openoffice.org-writer 2.1-3 and problems occur after None None 2007-01-29
 #18769 wish:ability to hide the left navigation window None None 2007-01-12
 #18390 doc/html/sv/ missing from bzr None None 2006-11-27
 #18253 Synaptic ignores my gnome menu settings (LCD font settings) None None 2006-11-11
 #18205 Feature request : Show repository in Common tab None None 2006-11-05
 #18160 Segmentation Fault when locking package version In Progress None 2006-10-30
 #18084 synaptic should not hold locks except while performing transactions None None 2006-10-22
 #17554 [WISH] Executable files should appear with a color None None 2006-08-28
 #17553 [WISH] Synaptic should provide gdebi features (clicking on a deb file from nautilus) None None 2006-08-28
 #17079 summaries in the "Description" column displayed wrong None None 2006-07-11
 #16988 Progress bar on reload is meaningless None None 2006-07-02
 #16537 Usability problem with GTK+ dark theme None None 2006-05-06
 #16315 Feature Request: Local Repository - Offline Install None None 2006-04-10
 #15065 Feature Suggestion: Offline ability None None 2005-11-25
 #15064 Custom Repository dialog box not modal None None 2005-11-25
 #14966 Feature request: "File->Install package" None None 2005-11-13
 #14890 lots of crashes when pushing buttons running synaptic on X server Need Info None 2005-10-29
 #14779 Pinned packages show wrong information None None 2005-10-13
 #14778 Pinned packages have no context menu None None 2005-10-13
 #14742 Synaptic 0.57-4 (unstable) crashes with Segmentation fault None None 2005-10-07
 #14338 integrate apt-zip functions into synaptic Ready For Test None 2005-08-30
 #13585 0.57 searches name and description instead of just name None None 2005-06-30
 #12567 strange behaviour on incomplete operations None None 2005-04-05
 #12529 Difficulty downgrading packages with dependencies None None 2005-04-01
 #12432 Synaptic should use a GNOME HIG compilant icon None None 2005-03-23
 #12138 synaptic crashing after startup None None 2005-02-25
 #11979 Aargh... broken package ETERM does not install program None None 2005-02-14
 #11339 Toolbar properties don't work None None 2004-12-17
 #10544 integrate apt-get.org search into synaptic None mvogt 2004-09-30
 #10158 [usability] Manual removal of the "new package" flag None mvogt 2004-08-26
 #10107 Automatic space to the end of category, one more and one more and ... None mvogt 2004-08-23

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