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Release 1.5.0

Item posted by - <_71007> on Mon 21 Apr 2014 04:59:55 PM UTC.

Release 1.5.0 fixes most of the known bugs and adds many of the suggested features and submitted patches.

Please note that some new configuration options have been added and some configuration options have been changed. After installation you have to copy your configuration of the system wide configuration file from the backup file into the newly created file. Users should rename their ~.davfs2/davfs2.conf and ~.davfs2/secrets files and let davfs2 create new templetes when it is started the first time. After this they should copy their configuration from the backup files into the new templates.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed security risk caused by insecure use of function system  (bug #40034).

  • umount will now properly work with systems where mtab is a symbolic link to /proc/mounts. For this davfs2 uses the new /var/mount/utab file.  Fixes sr #108528.

  • Symbolic links in fstab will no longer break davfs2 (sr #108377).

  • Improved configuration for certificate validation with new options trust_ca_cert and trust_server_cert.

  • New option minimize_mem to reduce memory consumption by davfs2 (sr #108158).

Experimental new features:

  • Support temporary redirects for downloading of files (bug #35428).

  • Support compression for downloading (bug #41355) (not necessarily RFC-compliant, but what is used by browsers).

Removed features:

  • Support for extended attributes was more then rudimentary and is now removed for the sake of performance and clarity.


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