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Item ID up Summary Status Assigned to Submitted on
 #109588 typo in documentation None None 2018-11-16
 #109587 delay_upload without closing file None None 2018-11-16
 #109564 davfs2 retains 'read' permission on the mounted files In Progress wbaumann 2018-09-20
 #109532 davfs2 repeatedly reauthenticates with server, several times a second In Progress wbaumann 2018-07-19
 #109530 password shows if I specify the username in command line as belows: Done wbaumann 2018-07-17
 #109528 Allow encrypted password in ~/.davfs2/secrets Need Info wbaumann 2018-07-14
 #109510 SSL error trying to mount Box webspace as folder In Progress wbaumann 2018-05-23
 #109503 Mounting SharePoint WebDAV fails: could not parse challenge In Progress wbaumann 2018-05-09
 #109502 davfs2 freezes and seems to not support streaming Done wbaumann 2018-05-03
 #109480 French accents on davfs2 file mount In Progress wbaumann 2018-03-26
 #109409 error: gettext infrastructure mismatch Done wbaumann 2017-11-05
 #109400 Davfs2 echoes password Done wbaumann 2017-10-18
 #109390 mount.davfs as non-root Done wbaumann 2017-09-26
 #109389 file cp-ed into davfs2 mount dissappears in a short time In Progress wbaumann 2017-09-26
 #109378 Can't mount spaced directory or map spaced file names using davfs2 Done wbaumann 2017-08-31
 #109373 Supporting static inodes? Done wbaumann 2017-08-28
 #109365 SOCKS proxy Postponed wbaumann 2017-08-11
 #109323 Impossible to copy more than 520 files to the cache In Progress wbaumann 2017-05-30
 #109284 Cannot compile with neon 0.30.1 In Progress wbaumann 2017-03-29
 #109260 "debug" in savfs2.conf not working In Progress wbaumann 2017-02-14
 #109244 How to know when a file was actually finished uploading to server In Progress wbaumann 2017-01-31
 #109238 Put the secrets file format in the man page Done wbaumann 2017-01-27
 #109230 URL encode remote filenames for compatibility Need Info wbaumann 2017-01-21
 #109200 Folders are empty when mounted Sharepoint folder Done wbaumann 2016-12-13
 #109188 secrets file not used Done wbaumann 2016-11-25
 #109178 password query in plain sight In Progress wbaumann 2016-11-03
 #109163 Not use additional Self-Signed CA Certificate Done wbaumann 2016-10-08
 #109158 DavFS 1.5.3 shows only some directory from In Progress wbaumann 2016-10-05
 #109141 Unable to mount the ISO of size more than 5GB hosted on the webdav file systems. Done wbaumann 2016-09-15
 #109130 Cache does not clear data Done wbaumann 2016-09-02
 #109127 davfs2 cant seem to show files over certain number of files in directory In Progress wbaumann 2016-08-30
 #109122 Support form-and-cookie based authentication Wont Do wbaumann 2016-08-23
 #109109 Davfs2 give Could not authenticate to server: rejected Basic challenge In Progress wbaumann 2016-08-01
 #109094 davfs2.conf In Progress wbaumann 2016-07-18
 #109073 All Files on webdav share are downloaded after mount Duplicate wbaumann 2016-06-21
 #109067 Error: "501 Method PROPFIND is not defined in RFC 2068" on mount volume Done wbaumann 2016-06-12
 #109048 webdav password crypted In Progress wbaumann 2016-05-24
 #109044 davfs2 slow with nautilus/thunar/xfce-file-manager In Progress wbaumann 2016-05-18
 #109029 dvfs2 is producing critical performance problems on the webdav-Server Done wbaumann 2016-05-03
 #109020 Files with parenthesis in the names do not get uploaded to webdav Done wbaumann 2016-04-25
 #109009 davfs hangs in D-state Done wbaumann 2016-04-05
 #108998 Rsync produces 0KB files Done wbaumann 2016-03-20
 #108988 mount.davfs: Mounting failed. | XML parse error at line 1: undeclared namespace prefix Done wbaumann 2016-03-01
 #108979 how to work with davfs2 on systems with low disk space Done wbaumann 2016-02-23
 #108858 Not able to mount to sharepoint with "Trusted Identity Provider" enabled Wont Do wbaumann 2015-07-30
 #108850 mounting via systemd fails Done wbaumann 2015-07-21
 #108795 davfs2 auf Zyxel NSA325v2 installieren None None 2015-04-10
 #108778 Cache clean and CPU spike blocks transfers In Progress wbaumann 2015-03-25
 #108697 Corruption on upload during extended outage In Progress wbaumann 2014-12-06
 #108588 90 second delay to receipt of first byte Postponed wbaumann 2014-05-31

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